Dave Rimington Trophy
"College Football Center of the Year"
Mellon worked with Dave Rimington to create the Dave Rimington Trophy, honoring the College Football Center of the Year. It was unveiled in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Legendary football coach Chuck McBride, commenting on the trophy, said "The Rimington is outstanding…the best I have ever seen."

Corporate sponsorship of the Rimington Trophy and other proceeds from the annual presentation awards dinner benefit The Boomer Esiason Foundation in its fight to find a cure for cystic fibrosis. For more information on the Boomer Esiason Foundation, Esiason.org. For more information on the Rimington Trophy, RimingtonTrophy.com.

Beyond being in the personal collections of the Rimington Trophy winners, their universities proudly display replicas on their campuses. The Rimington Trophy is also in the collection of the NCAA Hall of Champions.

Dave Rimington Trophy Recipients
2014: Reese Dismukes, Auburn
2013: Bryon Stork, Florida State
2012: Barrett Jones, University of Alabama
2011: David Molk, University of Michigan

2010: Jake Kirkpatrick, Texas Christian University
2009: Maurkice Pouncey, University of Florida
2008: A. Q. Shipley, Penn State University
2007: Jonathan Luigs, University of Arkansas
2006: Dan Mozes, West Virginia
2005: Greg Eslinger, Minnesota
2004: Co-winner David Baas, University of Michigan
2004: Co-winner Ben Wilkerson, Louisiana State University
2003: Jake Grove, Virginia Tech
2002: Brett Romberg, University of Miami
2001: LeCharles Bentley, Ohio State University
2000: Dominic Raiola, University of Nebraska

Most recent Dave Rimington Trophy Recipients
From left to right: Reese Dismukes of Auburn University ('14), Bryon Stork of Florida State University ('13), Barrett Jones of University of Alabama ('12), David Molk of University of Michigan ('11), and Jake Kirkpatrick of Texas Christian University('10)
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