The Official 2002 Medallion for Brookgreen Gardens

Marc Mellon, Medallic Art Sculptor,
Sculpted the Official Medallion for Brookgreen Gardens and Sculpture Museum.

History of the Brookgreen Medallion

Thirty years ago, the great American sculptor Donal DeLue created Brookgreen Garden's first annual bronze medallion. He directed the annual medallion program for the first five years, and then passed the responsibility to Joseph Veach Noble. Over the years a who's-who in American realist sculpture have been chosen to create the annual medallion. For the thirtieth anniversary of the medallion program, Joe Noble, who is Director Emeritus of Brookgreen, chose sculptor Marc Mellon.

At the President's Luncheon April 22, 2002 the artist was honored and was introduced by Mr. Noble as "the eminent American sculptor, Marc Mellon." Noble went on to praise the medallion for projecting the fourth dimension, time, by telling the story of an artist's work being developed from maquette to monument.

For more information on Brookgreen Gardens, please contact:

Brookgreen Gardens and Sculpture Museum
1931 Brookgreen Drive
Murrells Inlet, SC 29576
(843) 237-4218

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