Medical Giant Honored

A bust of Maurice Hilleman was unveiled in Baltimore November 19, 2006 by Bob Gallo, MD and the Hilleman family.  The bust, commissioned by Merck for the Institute of Human Virology of the University of Maryland, honors the medical pioneer who developed the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine and other vaccines used today.  Hilleman’s vaccines are credited with saving 8 million lives each and every year.

“Once upon a time I was a pre-med student” says sculptor Marc Mellon.  “Helping to honor Dr. Hilleman, a giant in global health, has been a very special project for me.”

Pictured to the right: Adel Mahmoud, MD, Kirstin Hilleman, Lorraine Hilleman, Bob Gallo, MD, George Slamowitz, and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend.
Pictured to the right: Sculptor, Marc Mellon standing with Lorraine Hilleman and the bust of her husband, Maurice Hilleman, MD.
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